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wah holy craaaap [Nov. 22nd, 2006|09:54 pm]
[mood |blankblank]
[music |Listen to your heart-- yes i'm listening to dance music]

woah, so its been since um summer. woah man. well i seemed to have caught up in the anime/manga i've wanted to (finally). so d'y drama is comming up once again folks. i am tres excited to see the plays this semester. it'll be my first time not in the triology at school. it feels so weird man! yeah, this year for some reason i've been losing my zeal for school even though its the most important year because of university and such -.-. yeah and my family's been boggin' down on me because of it, but its friggin hard to get myself back into that self-driven motivated state. pfft university's got nothing on me...bastards and their "get good marks" and "do your work alex" and "alex stop playing video games" and "alex the circle doesn't go in the square hole" *sigh* yeah i just remembered i had one of these. i bearly remembered my pass word as well XD anywho i must jet now. see ya later
-Alex/Mizz A-DAWG Paranoia
PS i hopefully get my G2 soon! ^^ though, it wouldn't really do any good seeing as i'm banned off everything because of my average-like marksXD
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(no subject) [Aug. 24th, 2006|02:24 am]
meh i was bored so i did this :

What Kind of Smile are You?

You're the smirk,a frown-smile hybrid that's a little bit cocky and usually associated with evil or arrogant,but attractive people.You probably just don't give a damn,but it's everyone else's fault if you don't because you're too awesome to have any real faults.
Take this quiz!

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ha curious...
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(no subject) [Aug. 2nd, 2006|11:22 pm]
[mood |frustratedwith myself and my supidness]

Updating updating. wow. It has been a while. all i can say, is that i am a dumbass when it comes to certain things...and yeah
-yo yo Alex yo...?
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whoo updating [Apr. 23rd, 2006|04:09 pm]
kk so i dislike english class. um... OH OH OH semi fromal was awesome. even though i'm not much of a dancer, i had fun. especially near the end where they played GOOD songs ^-^ like those grease songs put into one and def leopard's Pour some sugar on me and Haddaway's what is love. The list goes on ^-^... oh geeze, i just noticed something. I HAVEN'T GOTTEN MY FUCKING LOVE OF ART DVD. bah! stupid brampton drama people and their not giving me my stupid DVD. meh yes well ta ta
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been a while eh? [Mar. 27th, 2006|06:06 pm]
well, its been about 7 weeks since i've last updated; and honestly, not much has happened. Apart from the fact that my dislike for english has grown.
ta ta
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Abra Kadabra bitches its me again! [Jan. 31st, 2006|07:08 pm]
hiya, i thought i'd update again. okay so my last thingy was when i told off the guy at the CNE. Now a whole semester has passed since then. and what has changed? nothing really. lol appart from the fact that i could not stand comm tech, or dracula. yuuuup (well i could stand commtech more than dracula) but thast about all thats happened . oh yes, of course, last saturday i got a chalky candy heart that told me to "Get Real" and no, that is not a joke XD yuuuuuuup thats about it. haha ttyl
-Alex/Mizz. A-Dawg Paranoia
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The CNE [Aug. 25th, 2005|10:28 pm]
I went to the Ex today, and for the first time i lost my cool in public. This guy running this sunglasses kiosk thing was being a real (pardon me, for lack of a better term) asshole. Like the word jerk isn't enough to describe how he treated some of his potential costumers. He was doing exclusive dealing, made rude remarks, and did not allow his customers pick out their own pair of glasses that they'd like to try on; he did it for them @_@.
Yes, so the next bit is totally out of character for me. As we were leaving the kiosk I 'whispered' (well i thought i did anyways, it was QUITE the opposite) "What an asshole. What a fuck off!" Then i noticed that he, along with everyone there, heard me; he was shrugging at me as if saying "What did i do?" So i yelled out "You're practicing exclusive dealing! You can be charged for that!" (oh the irony). Then i finally snapped back, due to my friends laughter, and realized that i could be charged for saying bad words like that in public, and that he could call security on me. So, i hauled ass out of there=p.
yup thats my story for today =P
-Alex/Mizz A-Dawg Paranoia (oo i'm such a badass =P)
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back from europe [Aug. 23rd, 2005|04:00 pm]
hidy ho! i came back from europe a while ago, but right now i have patience to write about it in here =D. yes so i went to Spain France and Italy. We spent two nights in each city and we were in two cities in every country. It was such a tease! they had AMAZING skatespots, but first off we didn't have much time, and secondly, i didn't bring any skateshoes *tear*(Barcelona was the worst). In France, they had German MTV, and they had a show that was called "Pimp My Fahrrad" the translation: "Pimp My Bicycle" i was pissing my pats laughing^-^. I got to meet a lot of new people though. EVERYONE on my tour was so nice. All the younger people on the tour hit it off pretty fast. We spent some outrageous nights staying out 'till 1AM playing Uno =P. There was this crazy breakdancing kid; he was crazy =p (well not really a kid he was 18 -.-). People were dancing during dinners (well they were drunk) but they had fun nonetheless.
Pretty fun. I got to see the city where my ancestors come from (Toledo). Its beautiful. In Barcelona we saw some of Antonio Gaudi's imaginative architecture. Honestly, that man was a genius and ahead of his time! Yeah that pretty much sums up Spain =P
Absolutely beautiful. However, the first city we stayed at was pretty crap; all there was to do was shop. However, we did go out to this other city about 15 min away that was so cool. Ha ha on our way to the first city, we stopped in some small town. At lunch, my dad was trying to ask for a fork. my mom and i didn't know how to say it so we told him to ask for it in english because they understood. But, no he decided to try it out in french. All that came out were stereotypical sounds that people make while speaking french. I was pissing myself laughing and so was my mom. the guy was just staring at us as if saying "Can you translate?"
The second city (Cannes) was awesome. they had quite the nightlife there, though, it did not amount the the thrill that playing Uno does. We went to this mountain to have lunch one day, it was hella fun and everyone got drunk and those who were sober were laughing at those who got drunk
Italy is so awesome (however, people are really rude there). I got to see all the touristy things. The Vatican was so cool! the Sistine chapel is so rad. It looks like Michaelangelo's paintings are popping out at you^-^. yup much fun.
It's only been like 3 or 4 days and i'm already missing those on the tour... meh.

Today i saw Red Eye. That movie is so sick! I was like "KILL HIM!" and "NO DON'T YOU STUPID LADY!" lol. I need to find some way to put stupid pictures up on here to show you what i did to my magazine lol anywho yup.
-Alex/Mizz A-Dawg Paranoia
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(no subject) [Aug. 2nd, 2005|08:06 pm]
HOLY CRAP! something worth mentioning for once! okay, i was on my way back from atlanta from my niece's b-day ^-^(she's so cute) anywho, we arrive in Toronto at about 12:30, and honestly, we were about 50 feet from the gate, when a bloody thunder/lightning storm comes and all the ground crew had to go inside until it passed. We spent a little over 4 hours in that plane @_@. But yeah, i was all antsy wanting to get off, when at about 4:00 my mom said "Look at that plane!" i really didn't pay attention to her, but in a matter of seconds i saw people rushing out somewhere, and the smell of smoke filled the cabin. When i looked out there was this huge billowing cloud coming out of the plane my mom was warning me about. An Air France Airbus skidded across the runway and overshot about 200 metres. it was nuts!! Naturally everyone was freaking out. The toxic fumes began to enter nearby aircrafts, so they had to bring the carousels out to get the passengers out of the area even though their luggage would not be at baggage claim. I was so worried, but thank the good Lord that all of them escaped. yes, quite a scary experience i had today ttyl
-Alex/A-Dawg Paranoia
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been a while...stupid sylvia [Jul. 25th, 2005|09:19 pm]
Hello again! sylvia has reminded me about this site, and suggested that i update. hm...something new... oh yes! it was my birthday yesterday! i am now 16 and can now get a G1^-^. On friday i had quite the time making fun of "Judith's Insight" from that weird birthday book.
Today at the camp i'm volunteering at, i was in the pool with two kids on my back and another one grabbing at my legs trying to flip me, and a co-worker of mine grabbing me by the torso and thowing me across the water. During the post-lunch dancing time they played "Time Warp" from Rocky Horror Picture show, and a whole lot of campers decided it was a good idea to attack me while i was doing a matrix-like move. While i was down, they tickled me to the point where i couldn't breathe, and yet another one of my co-workers decided it would be funny if he joined in and egged the kids on... it was their birthday gift to me; much fun. =p The administration gave me a guitar strap for my accoustic^-^ i was so stoaked. yup thats about it ttyl peazeout^-^V
P.S. Again! Love of Art will be on DVD very soon! I just need that stupid guy to contact me@_@ (for those who give two shits @_@)

anywho i was bored, so i filled out a dumb quiz like thing:
------------------GENERAL INFO------------------

* Starting Time: 9:39PM
* Name: Alexandra
* Starsign: ...no clue...why don't you consult that weird b-day book and ask for "Judith's Insight"
* School: d'youville
* Location: Brampton
* Colour of eyes: they change...

------------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------

* Missed school because it was raining that day: no, thats just stupid haha
* Put a body part on fire for amusement: once:P
* Thrown someone in a bonfire: do i seem like a phsyco to you!? ---don't answer that...
* Been hurt emotionally: hasn't everyone?
* Kept a secret from everyone: yup
* Cried during a Movie: yes
* If so what film: Lilo and Stitch... my sister was crying. i can't stand watching her cry, even if it is over a cartoon
* Ever thought an animated character was hot: no@_@
* Ever been on stage: darn tootin'!
* Been sarcastic: nah!me? never!


* Shampoo: like i care
* Soap: some orange stuff
* Favourite colours/shades/tints: greens and some blues and reds
* Summer/Winter: summer^-^
* Cartoon Characters: this is a difficult one, but i'd have to say... Homer
* Drinks: erm...rootbeer i guess...
* Food: EVERYTHING! (that is, except seafood)
* Movie: i can't pick ONE they should have favourite movies for different genres
* Ice Cream: vanilla... or chocolate chip cookie dough!
* School Subject: MUSIC
* Animal: Tigers! they're so magestic

---------------RIGHT NOW------------------

* Wearing: England football shorts and a big shirt (they're my PJ's)
* What colour undies: ...what undies?
* Eating: nothing
* Drinking: grape crush
* Thinking: "where have my undies gone?"
* Listening or Watching: listening to my fingers hammer against the keyboards and watching words magically appear!^-^

--------------LAST 24 HOURS----------------

* Cried: ALMOST ... stupid book
* Met someone: yes
* Drove a car: i wish! ... i was suppose to@_@
* Been pissed off: no

---------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN------------------

* Yourself: well, i am here am i not?
* Santa: yeah man! Santa's my bestest pal. we go way back
* Toothfairy: YES! she's a real jerk towards santa!
* Elves: yeah man, i've seen one! the was crazy man he was all like "look at my long blonde hair, i'm gonna shoot arrows at you!"
* Intelligent life in space: erm....
* Ghosts: ...they're everywhere! o.O O.o :P

-------------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------

* Do you have a soul mate?: yes, somewhere
* Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?: no
* Who have you known the longest of your friends??: this girl named Amanda
* The loudest: Leanna
* Shyest: Chenel
* Who has seen you cry: my sister...during Lilo and Stitch =p
* What have you cried the most about?: ...things that happened to a certain family member of mine...
* What makes you happy/smile/laugh: almost everything now that i come to think of it...
* What is the best feeling in the world: euphoria

------------------ABOUT GUYS FOR GIRLS TO FILL OUT-----------------------

* Boxers or briefs: no more underwear questions! i'm still trying to find mine!
* Long or short hair: that all depends
* Six pack or muscular arms: i really don't care
* Good or bad guy: again, that depends
* Hat or No Hat: what in the flying fuck?!
* Tan or fair: it doesn't matter, but its kinda nasty when they're pastey white >.o
* Accent or not: that all depends on the type of accent XD
* Immature or mature: mature guy who knows when its time to be mature and when its time to make an ass out of himself
* Funny or not funny: funny
* Cute or sexy: that depends lol

----------------------ABOUT GIRLS FOR GUYS TO FILL OUT---------------------

* Regular underwear or thong or g-string:
* Painted nails or not:
* Bra or sports bra:
* Cute n' mysterious or wild n' crazy:
* Dressy or casual:
* Dark or blonde hair:
* Dark or light eyes:
* Good or bad gurl:
* Intelligent or average:
* Hair up or down:
* Jewelry or none:
* Tall or short:
* Curly or straight hair:
* Pants or dress:
* Tan or fair:
* Accent or Not:
* Shy or outgoing:

----------------------FOR EVERYONE TO FILL OUT---------------------

* Silver or gold: WHITE GOLD!
* Diamond or pearl: well diamonds ARE a girl's best friend...
* Sunset or sunrise: Sunset, i wouldn't be able to wake for sunrise
* Do you sleep with stuffed animals: sometimes, when i'm too lazy to push them off the bed
* Have you ever broken/sprained/fractured: i have sprained many things
* Do you have any piercings? yes
* If yes, what?: my ears, though i wish i had my lip done
* Rain, sun or snow?: sun!
* How is the weather right now: i dont know, its dark
* Do you like cookies?: that i do!
* Favorite number(s): i don't know, why don't you ask "Judith's Insight"
* Who won't respond: no clue
* Ending time: 10:07
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